Using iSnap with Facebook

Let’s discuss the basics of how to use iSnap with Facebook to increase your Brand’s exposure and provide marketing benefits for you.

As you know, when a user posts an iSnap photo to Facebook, their Facebook friends & followers will see the photo. Perhaps they even tag friends they are with. This by itself will generate organic marketing value for you, as it builds up your “impressions” and “reach” (aka how many potential people will see the branded photos).


Getting Likes and Followers

You can capture Facebook Likes & Check-ins from your iSnap user when they share their photo. Furthermore, once a Like is received, that person will follow you on facebook. What this means is your posts will show up on their personal timeline, keeping your user engaged with your latest news and updates on facebook.

To capture Facebook Likes, be sure to properly designate the Facebook Page field in the admin console under Social Networks.

Keep in mind, the iSnap photo will always post to the user’s personal timeline on their own Facebook page. It DOES NOT post directly to the timeline of the Facebook fan page, as that field is for getting Likes as mentioned above.


 Getting Facebook Check-ins / Visits

If your facebook business page has a physical address set, you can capture Facebook visits.

To set this up, fill in the Facebook Location Page field in the admin console under Social Networks.


FAQ: What do I enter for the Facebook Page and the Place ID Fields?

Enter the “CID” number of your Facebook page for both.   You can copy your facebook URL into the following website to get the proper CID:

Find My Facebook CID