Remote Update & Configuration

  Basic Level Software Features

Your iSnap dashboard allows you to remotely change some settings of your photo station. This is useful when you are away from your photo station and need to update some settings.

A common scenario is if your photo station is at a convention or tradeshow. A last minute update from your team comes up, asking for the graphic overlay to be changed. The photo station is set up and connected to internet, but no one is available to help you change the overlay out. With Remote Update, you can log into your iSnap dashboard on a web browser, and upload the graphic overlay to the photo station.



In order for remote updates to be pushed to the photo station successfully, a few conditions need to be met:

  • The photo station has to be connected to good internet.
  • The photo station needs to be connected to the proper cloud account.
  • There can be no network security settings present that may prevent or block the necessary network requests.

To find out how to check if your photo station is online and connected to your cloud account, please review this article: “How can I tell if my photo station is online?”

How to Use

Access the Remote Update screen by logging into with your cloud username & password. Then select Configuration tab → Remote Update.

Select the cloud device that you wish to make changes to remotely. Of course, if you have just one photo station, you likely will have only one box to place a check in.

From the Setting drop-down, select the appropriate feature to change.

Depending on your active software, you may not see all fields.

Depending on your active software, you may not see all fields.


  • Attract Loop: Change the images or videos that display if you have Attract Loop toggled on.
  • Overlay Graphic: Change your graphic overlay. Load more than one overlay for the user to choose from by click “Add Image.” To keep an existing overly, simply load it again as the software replace whatever is currently showing.
  • Property Description: