Photo Printing

  Pro Tools Add-On Subscription

There is a method of printing that we do support, although in a limited fashion at this time. Once enabled, the feature will allow printing of 4×6 photos directly at the iSnap photo station.

The print feature is a paid monthly add-on service, included with Pro Tools monthly software.

To check if you are subscribed to Pro Tools and Photo Printing, look under your System → Software Modules tab on your dashboard.

Supported Printers


We have tested and support the Epson Picturemate 225 printer, via USB connection to the photo station.

Epson PictureMate Charm Compact Photo Printer - PM 225

Epson PictureMate Charm Compact Photo Printer – PM 225


You may be wondering why so specific. Well, it’s because we have yet to fully test other printers at this time, so cannot say that other printers will have no issue. Other printers might work, but might have something off, such as printing alignment.

Here are the basic steps to get the printer up and running with the iSnap photo station:

  • The printer driver software is manually installed.
  • iSnap activates the feature on the cloud for you.
  • You either manually update the photo station settings, or let it automatically update.
  • There will be a new tab to toggle the feature on/off and to make adjustments.

Printer Software Driver


  • The Epson’s printer driver can be downloaded here.
  • Put the file onto a USB flash drive, and insert into the photo station.
  • Log into your photo station’s admin console.
  • Access Config Tools → Command Prompt
  • Type in “explorer” and hit enter.
  • In the window, navigate to your USB stick and double-tap the file to install.

You should now have the appropriate software driver which allows your photo station and printer to talk to one another

Photo Print Menus

If you are subscribed to Pro Tools, there will be more menus for you.

Once the feature is activated, the Photo Print tab can be found by tapping the Configure Modules icon.

Once the feature is activated, the Photo Print tab can be found by tapping the Configure Modules icon.

In addition to the Print Photos tab, there will be a “Configure Printer” option under Config Tools. This will allow you to check the status of your printer and cancel any pending print jobs you may have.

Print Photo-Sharing Interface


You can give users the option to either print the photo without sharing, or after they share it.

Set this up with the “Photo Print Type” field on the Print Photos tab.

Print prompt end post

Print Size & Alignment


The photo station by default is targeted towards printing 4×6 photos. Often, you will need to adjust the alignment of your printing so there will be no borders on the printing paper.

Use the fields on the Print Photo tab to adjust the width & height, as well as the vertical and horizontal offset.

You may need to do some testing via trial & error to get your photo positioned correctly on your specific printer.




Q:  I properly installed the driver, and can see the printer on the Configure Printer window. When I print a photo, the photo station screen will flash the printing dialogue box. There are no pending jobs in the queue. The printer is powered on with no error message, but the printer itself does not take in any paper. Why does it not print?

A:  If every indication looks as if it should print–but does not–then double-check your overrides for alignment and size in the Print Photos tab. If you put a erroneously enter a small number in Page Width and Page Height (say 4 or 6), the photo printer will not print. This is because those fields interpret the numbers to be in pixels, so if you mistakenly put a small number thinking it is inches, then the printer will not take paper in to print a few dots.