Network Settings (Firewalls, Ports, Mac Address)


The photo station is capable of connecting to the internet via ethernet or wireless. It can also function (albeit limitedly) when no internet is present.

The preferred method is connecting with a ethernet cable, as this often the most stable and reliable connection possible.




Usually, Ethernet is as simple as plugging in the cord. On rare ocassion, a cord will be faulty. If the hard-wired connection does not work, test the ethernet cord by plugging it into a notebook computer after turning off its wifi adapter.

The network may have MAC address restrictions which may be preventing the photo station from connecting.




Connecting to a wireless network is supported. But as with all wireless devices, there are a lot of factors involved when attempting to get a strong signal.

Most often, weak wireless signal is due to distance and obstruction. For tips on troubleshooting a wireless connection, visit this page: WiFi Troubleshooting


Networks with Security settings


Some environments have strict network settings due to their nature, such as banks, hospitals, and schools. To confirm, please check with with the IT personnel in charge of the network that you are trying to connect to. Below are some of the scenerios that you may encounter.

Port restrictions


In order for facebook posting to work properly, the network must have port 3128 open. If not, communication between iSnap and facebook servers will be hindered, preventing photos from being uploaded, or Likes to be received.

The other port we test for (1723) is to allow VPN access which gives iSnap support the ability to assist you remotely when needed.

Firewall settings


A network’s firewall settings may cause issues with the photo station.

Symptoms may include freezing after a photo is taken and being posted. In this case, traffic from the photo station may be being blocked. Check with the network administrator to see if the network is set to block certain IP addresses from accessing the network. Also, the network may require static IP addresses to be assigned instead of using DHCP.

Another symptom may be a facebook fan page will not load properly in the admin panel, despite entering in the correct CID number. Similarly, facebook’s mobile site ( will not load in the web browser. There may be possible firewall settings that need to be adjusted in order necessary traffic through.

MAC Address Filtering


The photo station–like many wireless devices–has unique physical identifying numbers for the internet adapters.

These “MAC” addresses may need to be added to the network’s setting in order to successfully connnect. Often, the network manages MAC addresses through an ACL (Access Control List).

On rare cases, networks or routers may have the photo station’s MAC address black-listed, and it has to be removed in order to connect.

If the network needs to add the MAC address of the photo station, follow these steps to find the iSnap’s MAC address:

Option 1 via Windows GUI

  1. Log into the photo station’s admin panel.
  2. Select Internet Config icon.
  3. Selecting “Network Connections” button.
  4. On the window that opens, highlight “Wireless Network Connection” icon (or which network adapter you are using).
  5. Tap Menu on the keyboard to bring up the contextual menu, and select “Status”
  6. Tap on the Details button.
  7. The physical address is the MAC address.

Option 2 via command line

  1. Log into the photo station’s admin panel.
  2. Config Tools → command prompt → typing “getmac”


  1. Log into the photo station’s admin panel.
  2. Config Tools → command prompt → ipconfig /all
  3. Look for the wireless adapter’s physical address or Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection depending on your needs.