Graphic Overlay

  Basic Level Software Features

Here are some simple steps to get a new graphic overlay onto the iSnap photo station.

Creating the graphic overlay:


A graphic designer–or a saavy marketer–will be able to design an overlay with no issue. They just need to make an overlay with these specs: 1024 x 768 resolution, 96 DPI, Transparent PNG format file.Some common programs used to make the overlays are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. If these are not available (or simply too expensive), customers have also used iDraw for Mac,, or GIMP (free).

The key to designing a functional overlay is to always remember that the overlay goes on top of a photo so there is some custom branding/design for the user to share. The overlay will be transparent where the photo shows through; this is usually achieved with an “alpha channel” that your editing program may very well add automatically when you cut out your image.

Uploading the overlay onto the photo station:


Two ways to do this:

1)  USB flash drive

Put the overlay file onto a USB stick, plug the stick into the USB on the bottom area near the power plug, log into the admin settings with your “password1” or whatever it is set to now, and tap the icon for Load Overlay one top row. Load a single overlay image or add another if you want multiple overlays.

2) Remote Configuration

You can actually change the overlay remotely, when you are away from the actual iSnap photo staion.Hop onto with your username & password. Go to Configuration tab → Remote Update and choose Overlay Graphic in the Settings drop-down. Click Apply Configuration and the photo station should push the overlay within 3 to 4 minutes.

*Please note, this only works if the photo station is connected to good internet with no security on the network blocking the update. Also, the photo station needs to be on the regular take-photo screen for any update to occur.