Graphic Overlays

One of the most important and useful features of the iSnap photo stations are the graphic overlays. These overlays will give your photos a unique design, which will help promote your brand, as well as provide a nice touch for your users.

Overlay combo


Creating the Graphic Overlay:


An easy way to think of how the overlay works is a transparent layer that goes on top of your photos taken. The design will show with the photo, and the portion that is “transparent” will show what the camera captures.
A graphic designer should have no problems with this. Just let them know they need to make an overlay with these specs:
  • File Format = transparent PNG file format
  • Dimensions = 1024 X 768 pixels
  • Resolution = 72dpi (for printing purposes)


Loading Overlays


There are 2 basic ways to load an overlay onto your photo station:
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Remotely Online

Once you insert a USB drive into the photo station, navigate to the Flow/Usability screen on the admin console. Once you tap to select an overlay, you can load it from your USB drive. You can also select from your Media Library which contains previously used overlays, as well as overlays you remotely load (discussed below).




Remotely Load

Load your overlays via the Media Library on your dashboard. Once loaded, you can access and select these overlays on the photo station’s admin console, or use them for a profile, which can be remotely loaded onto the photo station.