External WiFi antenna for older iSnap photo stations

Some of the older iSnap photo stations have a removable WiFi antenna. This antenna can be replaced with a larger, stronger WiFi antenna. This will improve reception of wireless network signals. Also, the antenna can be placed outside the photo station enclosure to increase reception even more.

If you have the below type of photo station computer / head unit, then you have the option to replace the antenna:

Jetway antenna

To remove the wifi antenna, simply turn to unscrew it. Place your new, better antenna the same way.


The antenna that you can swap out with, can be any that uses the same type of connector. The iSnap team has used a TP-Link antenna with good results, and it can be ordered online from many different vendors. Here is a link to one such vendor: http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-ANT2405C-Desktop-Omni-directional-Antenna/dp/B001VEAI74


The model to look for is "TL-ANT2405C"

The model to look for is “TL-ANT2405C”


The antenna should have a magnetic base which will allow you to place it on the outside of the photo station. The back panel of the head unit is notched on the upper left and right corners. This leaves enough room for the cord to snake out.


external antenna panel on



In summary, if you are experiencing issues with weak wireless connectivity, and have one of our older photo stations, the external antenna is a worthwhile choice to try.