Digital Signage Slideshow Widget

  Pro Tools Add-On Subscription

Purpose & Use


The digital slideshow will create a URL link which will display a slideshow of your photos in your cloud account. This feature is part of the Pro Tools software subscription. It can be a nice way to get your recent photos onto a big screen display. It is particularly useful for events, tradeshows, and high foot traffic venues.

Set up of the Signage Slideshow


The digital signage slideshow can be set up on your iSnap dashboard.

  1. Log into your cloud account with your username & password, at
  2. Go to Configuration tab → Widgetswidgets tab
  3.  On the right, click on “Digital Signage Slideshow” under “Widgets”
  4. Configure the slideshow options.Slideshow widget
  5. Click Update URL to generate your new link.

Once you have your link ready, you can paste the link into a web browser of a computer that is connected to any display. Change the browser to full-screen mode and you will have a slideshow that periodically refreshes itself to show more recent photos taken.